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Mathematics 10

The NSE Mathematics 10 is designed to evaluate student achievement in relation to the outcomes for the course. The examination results contribute 20% to students’ final course mark.

All students registered in Mathematics 10 and Pre-IB Mathematics 10 will write the NSE Mathematics 10. Students who have an Individual Program Plan (IPP) in mathematics, and therefore work toward a different set of mathematics outcomes, do not participate in the examination.

The NSE Mathematics Advisory Group, comprised of senior high school mathematics teachers and board mathematics leaders representing all school boards in Nova Scotia, assists in the development of examinations. The advisory group, under the guidance of department staff, follows the examination development procedures outlined in the Nova Scotia Examination Development Model. As well, an examination review team, comprised of experienced senior high mathematics teachers, reviews and approves the final examination forms for each administration. All processes, examination development, administration, marking, and reporting are facilitated by the Evaluation Services Division of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

The mathematics examination is constructed according to precise specifications. Questions are written to match curriculum outcomes and then are field-tested with students. Field-test results are then analyzed and items that meet provincial standards are approved for inclusion on examinations.

The examination is scored by Mathematics 10 teachers for individual student results. Provincial data is gathered from a central scoring session led by Student Assessment and Evaluation staff and then provided to provincial educational partners. Standards for marking are set in consultation with the advisory group.

Further information on the NSE Mathematics 10 is available in the Information Guide under the documents tab.


Registration for Nova Scotia Assessment - Read-aloud (NSA-RA) is where schools will register students for access to audio files. (Read-alouds for M10 were previously done through TIENET in the “Request for Alternate Formats” form.) NSA-RA Overview, Registration, and Access information will be included in the Appendix of the Information Guide (will be available in October 2021). NSA-RA registration periods: March 1-June 1