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Literacy and Mathematics/Mathématiques in Grade 3

The Nova Scotia Assessment: Literacy and Mathematics in Grade 3 and Mathématiques in Grade 3 is administered over 4-days in May.

This assessment includes the following:

  • reading and writing tasks that reflect the end of grade 3 curriculum outcome expectations
  • reading passages in the narrative, information, poetry/song, and visual text genres
  • reading comprehension questions in selected response format
  • reading comprehension questions that are designed to provide a broad range of challenge, thereby providing more information about individual student performance
  • one information and one narrative writing task
  • mathematics/mathématiques questions that reflect the end of grade 3 curriculum outcome expectations
  • selected response (multiple choice) mathematics/mathématiques questions in all mathematics domains

French immersion students write only the mathématiques component of this assessment because they only begin formal English language arts instruction at the beginning of grade 3. 



  • In 2020-2021, only outcomes that are identified as foundational in the Foundational Outcome documents (September 2020) and measurable on large scale assessments will be included on Nova Scotia Assessments.
  • May 7 Update: Spring 2021 administrations of Nova Scotia Assessments and Nova Scotia Examinations have been cancelled due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns / L’administration des Évaluations et des Examens de la Nouvelle-Écosse prévue au printemps 2021 a été annulée en raison des préoccupations continues causées par la COVID-19.