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Mathematics in Grade 4 Lessons Learned

The Mathematics in Grade 4 – Lessons Learned document was developed based on an analysis of the item description reports for each administration of this assessment, and it specifically addresses areas that students across the province found challenging. This resource was developed to support classroom teachers and administrators at the school, board, and provincial levels, in using the information gained from this assessment to inform next steps for mathematics instruction.

The Lessons Learned documents are located on the secure "Educators" area website. By clicking on the link below, teachers can use their GNSPES credentials to log on, and then navigate to "Student Assessment and Evaluation" and click on the assessment folder.


Nova Scotia Assessment: Mathematics in Grade 4 – Lessons Learned

  • Mathematics Lesson Learned 1: Translating Between and Among Representations
  • Mathematics Lesson Learned 2: Representing and Partitioning Whole Numbers
  • Mathematics Lesson Learned 3: Whole Number Operations
  • Mathematics Lesson Learned 4: Patterns and Relations
  • Mathematics Lesson Learned 5: Problem Solving
  • Mathematics Lesson Learned 6: Measurement
  • Mathematics Lesson Learned 7: Geometry
  • Mathematics Lesson Learned 8: Statistics and Probability